5 Stars
Tania is such a professional singer and entertainer in every aspect of the craft! A true joy to work with her and listen to her.

– Matt Black

5 Stars
A wonderful friend made by entertaining the residents in the care home that I work. Tania you bring so much joy to everyone whom has the pleasure of being around you, you do fantastic work for charity, and the residents love and look forward to seeing you every time. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing entertainer, and a very special friend made through work.

– Sarah Leadbetter

5 Stars
A talented lady who is able to adapt to any crowd and get them up and dancing
Created the perfect atmosphere at our charity event.

– Denise Groves

5 Stars
Apart from her obvious vocal talent Tania is a warm, funny, caring lady who manages to incorporate all of those qualities in her performances.
We have had the privilege of hearing her extensive musical menu at the various care homes she has visited. A total star

– Sue Bath

5 Stars
Versatile, engaging vocalist. Reliable and professional. Would definitely recommend Tania.

– Alice Schooley

5 Stars
Tania is a wonderful lady with an absolutely fabulous voice. A very caring person who makes everyone in her audience feel special. She can sing any genre in her own imitable way. We always look forward to her performances.

– Carole Scott

5 Stars
Tania is a very talented performer with a wonderfully warm personality.
She will light up any room with her professional performance and audience interaction.
Electric performance everytime.

– Melony May

5 Stars
Hi this lovely lady came to entertain us at our cream tea at our community week. She was totally amazing and such a pleasure to listen to and went down very well with the people at our cream tea young and old.we are that pleased

We have booked her again to next August thank you so much Tania xxx.

– Angela Chandler

5 Stars

Tania has a phenomenal array of musical talents; she has a lovely, distinct voice as well as the ability to play 18 instruments.

A few months ago, I, with some members of the Bolney community, organised a charity fundraising event at which Tania sang beautifully. She had been strongly recommended to me by people in the village. In addition, she created an uplifting atmosphere as her experience with performing is extensive. Her passion for music reflects her passion to help charities. Thank you!

– Petru Balan

5 Stars

Tania is a wonderful singer and entertainer with a vast amount of experience behind her. Whatever genre of music you want, Tania will accommodate you. She is a very talented singer and musician and works extremely hard at what she does. With a huge wardrobe to choose from, she always dresses the part. Tania has a heart of gold and involves herself with many charity musical events and you won’t be disappointed at any of her performances.

– Julie Batchelor

5 Stars
Tania has a great voice yes, but also, knows how to perform songs, how to put on a show, how to communicate with an audience, this is what makes her extra special. Tania is an artist of true quality and always does a great show, versatile and a true pro in every respect.

– Paul F J Bonham

5 Stars
Not only is Tania a great singer and lovely, caring person, but she has a tremendous and varied repertoire that she can tailor to any audience – from singing golden oldies to show tunes to full on rock. Tania is also great at interacting with her audiences and easy to deal with when booking her for an event.

– Sue Frampton

5 Stars
Tania Rodd is a consummate professional. She has charm, experience, and a voice that’ll blow you away. Ive worked with her and watched her many times, and she never leaves the house looking less than a page out of a 50s/60s/80s fashion glam magazine with her fabulous outfits. She’s also very easy going and easy to work with. Definitely the singer you want! whether you want 50s glam, or rock n roll she’s your gal!

– Roxanne Abbott

5 Stars
Wow! Tania is a fabulous performer filling the room with her beautiful vocals and her personality. This wonderful lady performed at our function and was a huge hit with everyone. I can highly recommend Tania. Thank you for making our evening so special

– Kirsty Durkan

5 Stars
Tania is a talented and wonderful person and love by everyone she’s helped out with alot of charities and proud to have her a my friend 💖

– Sharon Hall

5 Stars
Tania sang at Breast Cancer Now Charity jazz lunch last year,her performance was outstanding. She has a beautiful voice and an extensive repertoire of songs.Her professionalism shone through as she effortlessly engaged the audience into her show..since, then I have seen her perform at different venues her depth and range of vocals still amazing from rock to Ballard to songs from musicals a true performer.

– Marie Dormer

5 Stars
Fantastic vocalist , versatile and powerful voice and a great entertainer.I would highly reccomendx

– Clare Louise Jarvis

5 Stars
Tania is a consummate pro always giving an energetic, flambuoyant and polished performance. Her voice is superb; great to listen to, and she has a varied repertoire. Fantastic show gal!

– Lisa Malaws

5 Stars
Tania Rodd is a True Professional, I have worked with Tania for the last 2 years and have never been disapointed, from themed dinner shows, product launches, stage productions and live gigs Tania is a rare find, from vintage to Rock, she has the most powerful voice.. I can highly recommend Tania for any event she undertakes

– Micki Lea Strahan

5 Stars
Tania is not only a great and highly versatile singer but also one of the hardest working musicians I know. Covering everything from hard Rock to smooth Jazz and Wartime favourites to the latest Pop tunes performing in Pus, Clubs and larger venues. Philanthropy is another of Tania’s great passions and is performing in Local Nursing Homes, Hospitals a residential homes on a daily basis, Tania is also heavily involved in helping many local charities as both a performer and organiser.
She also plays a mean Saxophone!
Highly Recommended for all occasions.

– Joby Hook

5 Stars
Tania is always a joy to listen to and to watch. She relates to all ages and tastes in music, a lovely lady with a beautiful voice.

– Susan Smith

5 Stars
Can this girl sing? You bet ya!!! From rock to pop, fifty’ to present day. Musical and west end her repitoire is enormous. You have to listen to what is your like she can sing it. Well done Tania. Loving it. X

Liz Mew

5 Stars
Tania really entertained my residents and looking forward to her coming to our garden party and performing x

– Julie Reid

5 Stars
Tania not only sings, she performs her soul into her music and you really feel this when you attend her gigs. Diverse, talented and entertaining and you are certainly in for a great musical event. Tania goes from strength to strength, she is an inspirational and kind fascinating woman who can charm and capture any audiencenot only sings, she performs her soul into her music and you really feel this when you attend her gigs. Diverse, talented and entertaining and you are certainly in for a great musical event. Tania goes from strength to strength, she is an inspirational and kind fascinating woman who can charm and capture any audience

– Andrea Rose

5 Stars
I have seen Tania sing on many occasions and she is a superb singer and entertainer. She also managed to bring a tear to my eye, I was so moved by her incredible voice. Brilliant singer and a incredible person , great for any venue

– Becky Sykes

5 Stars
Absolutely amazing performance in the orchards yesterday Tania and Dave be you rock ���������

Nichola Smith

5 Stars
An amazing passionate person who I’ve seen in so many roles and productions.
Look forward to many more in 2017.

Terry Matthews

5 Stars
Please give this Girl a try, you will NOT be disappointed as she has done many Gigs for me and believe me, you won’t be disappointed either.

– Margaret Sabin